We as Professional Project Consultants work directly with organizations and companies to develop Real Estate Projects.

Our primary role is to manage the entire Real Estate Development process - from initial concept to the start of operations for the finished project.

While other members of the real estate development team perform specific tasks at different stages during the course of development, the development consultant oversees the entire process and is engaged throughout all stages. By working together, the owner and we, the development consultant become the “developer” of the real estate project.

While the owner is responsible for decision making; we, the project consultant takes on the responsibility for managing the entire development process, coordinating the work of the development team, serving as central point for communication and decision making, and providing advice to the owner.

In addition, we take a number of specific tasks either independently or in conjunction with other members of the development team.

These tasks normally include:

 Oversee the preparation of development program and concept plan(s)

 Undertake market/need/demand analysis

 Identify, evaluate and assist with negotiating property acquisition

 Assist with project design (particularly from market and budget perspectives)

 Prepare capital and operating cost budgets

 Assist with zoning and other development approvals

 Prepare applications for government assistance

 Prepare marketing materials and coordinate marketing/application/pre-leasing/pre-sales process

 Prepare financing applications and negotiate terms

 Coordinate an acceptable procurement method and construction contract

 Account for all project costs

 Assist with organizing property management

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